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at 20.07.2015
Partnership with NLBlackEagle
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I created a so named Testworld as a kind of TerrainControl showcase, containing all my custom biomes and the default MC biomes too. Its made using the “FromImage” mode.

Use this world as a Template, to learn how to use TerrainControl in “FromImage” mode with all its 286 Biomes and its 626 bo2 / BO3´s (at date:13.07.2015).
(Most are created by myself, but some of the bo2´s / BO3´s are made by other people like lentebriesje. Some are changed / adjusted by myself more or less too. Thanks for providing and the permission to use)
Some biomes are working together to build up one biome / area in game!
Please get an overview of my biomes at this page or too by downloading now 3 .pdf lists: HERE and MC 1.7.x default HERE and “Dolomite” biomes (thanks to Burckhard) list HERE.

The Testworld, the space world (with its addons), the 13 worlds and 21 worlds bundle (older worlds) and ready to use included 1.8.7 spigot server setup, containing matching TC version and some important mods/plugins + link to newest Testworld download always, will be made available, if you donate starting at 10.- Euro via that PayPal Button at the left side and accept the Rules+ReadMe to download here.
After you completed your donation, you will be linked automatic by PayPal to an info page, to confirm your Email all Links / explanations will be send soon.
So don´t stop that PayPal redirection... or you are busted for sure!
Worlds are always complete TC world folders, containing all configs, bo2´s / BO3´s and the map.png (if created in “FromImage” mode) and are ready to use.

See HERE too a working example of a MCPC+ server/client setup (MoCreatures, TerrainControl and much more), but no download will be offered.

If you are not that creative ... or just lacking time (or lacy?), I offer a premade Savanna-Riverfalls Island world or a premade 10k or 20k or 25k (all new 1.7.x biomes and latest configs included) or 30k world and also a 4k or 8k world by donation. I also offer a 10k island world shown HERE. Same rules for sure, as told in the .doc file download!

The different biomes have been created mainly to show what is possible with the brilliant craftbukkit plugin “TerrainControl”, made by Khoorn and Rutger.
This world is created in a helical form for easy exploring all biomes, starting in the center at the hot desert and proceed up to the cold north... and later to all new added biomes.

The newest world was made and explored using MC 1.8.7 and TerrainControl 1.8.7 and server version spigot-1.8.7 .
Attention: For Updates of new Biomes, look this side down to the bottom please!
(New biomes are always added at the end of the page and biome-helix in the map.png)

See always layout of latest Testworld (No. 78 at the moment) by next image:

Here my new “ForestCaveBiome” and a short Video, showing a second new Biome too: “Cliffs” (the 5. Update since the Testworld started):


Here my 2. Biome Update Video, showing 3 new Biomes: “Lowland”, “Cascade Waterfalls”, “Pillar-Cave” and “Floating Savanna”:


Its a new Testworld Update now at 25.9.2012.

Some new biomes added.

See image at the left side for more explanation.

The new biome  “TropicalOcean” with seareed, corrals and sponge_algas (Image left)


4 new biomes (Peak, High, Medium and MountainForest)
are used to create the “Rocky Mountain”  Range landscape. (Image at the right side)

This is included in the last 17.update_TC2.2.5_testworld.


Today I created a new biome: TheArctic.

This new biome is included in the last Testworld:


Today I created 2 new biomes: MediumRiver and HighRiver.
Its used to create creeks in Mountains feeding the Lakes.
This 2 new biomes are included in the last Testworld:


Today I updated everything for use with MC/TC 1.4.2 (a Link to an inofficially TC version for 1.4.2 use is included too):
21.update_testworld_for has been sent to all former Testworld requester as usual by Newsletter and is new/last Standart Testworld now.

Mainly the folder system, configs and that + 200 bo2´s have been changed to that new bo2 handling system in TC. Testworld (map) is same as Update 20 still.


Today I created 4 new biomes for the Testworld to generate "Monument-Valley" (USA) style territory.

This 4 new biomes are included in the last Testworld:



I created some more new biomes and bo2´s for the Testworld and updated everything for use with MC/TC/Bukkit 1.4.4 (or even 1.4.5)

New Biomes or new Terrain: “Lake Powel”, Cedarberg, Gravel Desert, Cacti Desert, Pine Forest, Caverns and ErodedCoast.
New bo2´s are geysers (in MountainForest Biome)  and dripstones (in Cavern Biome)
That new biomes are included in the last Testworld:


I made again 5 new Biomes to create an Arches Terrain..
There is a canyon/ravine like new biome too, going down all the way to bedrock.
That new biomes are included in the last Testworld:

I made some small changes (and cleaned out some mistakes I made too) to some stuff in Update 29. and
now in that last
The Arches got an additional custom biome to let it build up its arc even smoother.
This adds more possibilities for even a lot more Arches variations, as there are now 6 Arches biomes in total and 4 MonumentValley biomes to be possibly used too, to create that Arches in many different styles with rivers and without and in many shapes.

I created Falls (falling down from 253 to 64 height), small Rivers and Lakes for the ForestCave biome and better Pillars:

I created a SPACE world.
This biomes and mainly the settings in worldConfig can´t be included in the Testworld:
Space world will be offered separate and only by request as an addon.


We are at MC 1.4.7 now and TC has updated too to that version. BO3 is now growing up to be the follower of the BO2´s. See example at right image (my planetoid.BO3, just for a quick test and nice for use in the Space World)
I made only 2 new biomes, the little flower biome as a requesters wish and the Westerwald Biome (like the area I live in ;-)
The Flower Biome is used at small spots in the savanna biome, next desert at the centrum and Westerwald Biome is attached at the end of the spiral..

I made a new biome, the CliffsOfMoher biome (Ireland). Its included in Update 35 Testworld.
Please read at the Forum about a new TC 1.4.7 dev build with BO3 support. (Working nice with my Testworld)

I made a new biome, the Nethers biome (Nether style overworld biome). Its included in Update 36 Testworld.

I made a huge update with many new biomes. I reworked some of Burckharts “Dolomite” world biomes and reworked everything to match using it in FromImage mode now.
As a new biome, I implemented now the BeachSeychelles Biome to give some areas the look of the Seychelles coast. (right image below)
Now we are at 169 biomes in my Testworld, all included in that big update No.37.
Use only with the very last TC 2.4.6 and last recommended craftbukkit dev 2624 !!!

Burckhards “Dolomite” world biomes, image at the bottom:

I created 3 new biomes.  TheIcewall (and at its Top: TheIcewallSummits) and FloatingMountains (new biomes included in Testworld Update No. 38):

I created a new biome. Together with some elder biomes I adjusted now different, I created the eroded Islands.
Also some biomes are changed to a less floating style now .(The new and the changed biome(s) are included in Testworld Update No. 39):


Please use “change quality” and select 720p HD to watch in best resolution.

As MC 1.5.1 and its new water physics changed some of my biomes to a bad look, I updated the one being involved . (waterfall2 / waterfall3 biomes are now deleted as unimportant)
I added some new biomes to give the possibility of a little more naturally looking rivers at higher elevations, following a downhill flow. (made by bo2´s and biomes)
(The new and the changed biome(s) are included in Testworld Update No. 42):

Testworld No. 42 biomes distribution >

I created some new biomes again. Its the so named “Floating City” Biome (with a house ruin bo2) and the “Orevein” Biome (now a Gold, Diamond and Redstone Mine cavern).
The canyon biome is now included in 2 different styles, open and closed at the top.  (Its Testworld Update No. 43 now)

I created new biomes again.
Its the WoWForest biome and a CavernsBorder biome.
For that Ocean2Border biome for use in ocean, I made now too an Ocean2HighBorder biome for use in Inland.
(Its Testworld Update No. 46 now and Biome-List is updated too for details.)

WoWForest biome

(surrounding biome of that mountains)

I created new biomes again.
Its the ErodedCreek biome and ErodedCreekBorder biome.
(Its Testworld Update No. 47 now, the download server-setup containing that world has been updated to the very last TC version from 26.5.13 and the Biome-List is updated too for details.)

As a server owners request, I created 3 new biomes.
Its the NetherCave and NetherMedium biome and together with my well known Nether biome its that new overworld nether area.

I created too an additional Desert biome named DesertPlain.

(Its Testworld Update No. 49 now)

21.06.2013 Testworld Update 51:
I updated some stuff for a better look..
Its the Vulcano and Lava and the TallForest (+ added some new bo2´s too) biome.
I changed the Iceberg biome + added 2 new bo2´s here too.

09.07.2013 Server setup is now at MC 1.6.2 including TerrainControl for 1.6.2 and Testworld Update 52, which has got some new bo2´s:

Bedouin tents and a Mexican style house bo2´s

Server setup is now 
including Testworld Update 53 using Hard_Clay in the Monument-Valley areas. So there is no need for using MisaHD texturepack to
get the red-brown color in that biomes.
I changed some stuff in the Lakes, ForestCave and SingleWaterfall Biome too to get rid of some issues and for an even better look.

We are now at Testworld Update 54 containing a new biome Forest_Plains using 25 new trees. (Thanks for all 25 new tree bo2´s created by “Frofster”):

We are now at Testworld Update 55 containing the new Grand-Canyon area:

We are at Testworld Update 56 containing the new “Mountain Arches” and the “Hidden Lake” area (both new arrangements of already existing biomes:

We are at Testworld Update 57 containing the new “ObsidianPlains”, the ”RollingJungle” and the “Bryce” biome.
(I changed the Avatar, DesertPlain, ForestCave and ForestPlain biome too in its settings more or less for a better look)

<= Bryce biome

<= RollingJungle biome

<= ObsidianPlains biome

We are now at Testworld Update 58 containing all the new “MC 1.7.2 Biomes at the end of the spiral world.
Those MC default biomes have been tried to get as close as possible to its default MC look and feel, but will be changed and improved if necessary and possible in future update(s) too.

As MC 1.7 made the biggest stop in updates ever (MCP need still to be ready for 1.7 to enable all mod creators to update to 1.7 too), we all have to wait some time to get again all important mods for 1.7 in the future.
Concerning my biomes / worlds, its updated (or updates automatic by server start and NEW world buildup after deleted old worlds, but saved before!) now to use it 1 to 1 even with the actual 1.7 bukkit servers, as I updated all biome ID´s already to give “place” for those “new” added default MC 1.7.2 biomes (... but already made some better biome before... and some from mojang look like being cloned from my bundle 1 by 1... ;-(...).
Here some screen of a few of the 37 new default 1.7.2 MC biomes:

1.7.2 Testworld No. 58 map layout.

On top of it, you see Mesa and Savanna biomes.
Right side shows RoofedForest, MegaTaiga and some of the new flowers.
Bottom image shows Podzol in MegaTaiga biome.

We are at Testworld Update 59.
I changed some of the old biomes for a better look now again.
Its mainly the desertHills, the theArctic, the Forest_Plains and the new savanna. I put in Flowers (savanna), Podzol (Forest_Plains), new surface blocks settings (desertHills) and PackedIce (theArctic)

The always included server setup is at 1.7.2 and contains now the TC dev 78 to let all the new settings take place ;-)

We are at Testworld Update 60.
I changed some of the new MC 1.7.x biomes and desert and desert hills of the “old” biomes for a better look now again.
The changes in the new biomes are concerning the Mesa biomes and the IcePlainsSpikes biome.

The always included server setup is at craftbukkit-1.7.2-R0.1 and contains now the TC dev 83 to let all the new settings take place ;-)

<= better mesa biomes

red sand and changed desert hills in desert biome.
MC style IceSpikes + my bo2 spykes and stone bolders in IcePlainsSpykes biome.

<= better savanna covered with flowers biome

We are at Testworld Update 62. (for just some days, Testworld_61 was newest in between)
 I changed a few settings in some biomes for a better look and changed some temperature settings too.

We are at Testworld Update 63 now.
I changed again a few settings in some biomes for a better look and added 2 new biomes to set up the “Quartz-Desert”.
 I created 3 new cacti-bo2´s for the desert and desert hills and a termite-hill-bo2 to upgrade the savanna.
There is a new area added, named “Savanna High River falls Island”.
Now some images of the new stuff:

<= overview of most of the new 1.7.x MC
     (adjusted) biomes.    

We are at Testworld Update 65 now (I skipped 64 ;-).
I changed settings in the underground of the desert biome to spawn now huge caves with trees and other plants:

 I created 3 new snow biomes (snowPlains, snow and snowArches biome):

 I added now a new biome named “TheArcticNoCaves”. The well known “TheArctic” has got now similar settings as desert biome (and new changed HEX colors too!) to spawn also huge snow/ice caves in its underground.  “TheArcticNoCaves” biome is used to give “pillars in the caves, its look on top is still the same as “TheArctic”:

We are at Testworld Update 66 now.  I created a new  biome: wasteland:

I stepped over the bukkit plugin “Giantcaves”.
To get it running nice with TC, you have to set in bukkit.yml:

.....generator: TerrainControl:giant-caves

... and in the GiantCaves config.yml:

onlyUseWorldManagers: false

Image at the left side shows those caves.

We are at Testworld Update 68 now.
I skipped update 67 as it was just one new biome covered now in No. 68 too)
I created some new biomes: Eldaria and EldariaBorder, Karelia, OceanLava, Schiefer and SchieferBorder. (The SchieferBorder biome got also 2 new BO3´s)
All shown here as in game screens:

 < Karelia

 v OceanLava

 < 2 Schiefer biomes and 2 BO3´s

Upper image = real fault zone landscape
Lower image = my biomes

 v Eldaria

We are at Testworld Update 69 now. Its updated to 1.7.9 versions (included spigot server and TC).
I created some new bo2´s and BO3´s: sandcliff.BO3 for the desert biome and an evil mushroom covering some ground in the Tallforest biome. After Rutger changed some code in TC, the huge mother_tree and the majestics_tree now spawn in Tallforest biome automatic too.
But the aurelia.bo2 has still to be spawned by command (because its to huge and for some other reasons) in a test-setup, after carefully following my always included explanations.
Shown here as in game screens:

 From left to right: mother_tree.bo2, majestics_tree.bo2 and aurelia.bo2.

 From left to right: The new sandcliffs in the desert biome and the Tallforest biome showing the “evil mushroom” at its ground and some more of the huge trees spawning automatically.

We are at Testworld Update 70 now.

At the left side, you see the Testworld No. 70 map with all latest biomes.
There is now a warp point map included for even better and easy exploration.

I created a new SaltFlats (dry salt lake) biome, shown here as an in game screen:

We are at Testworld Update 71 now.

I made just 2 little new biomes, GravelCreek and GravelCreekFalls and 2 bo3´s to get the creeks water flowing =>

We are at Testworld Update 72 now.
I improved the “SaltFlats” and created 2 new biomes the 1. named “BulpDune” (located in desert):

 ... and the 2. new biome is named “HighCrackedMountain”:

We are at Testworld Update 73 now.
I created 2 additional new biomes named “MidCrackedMountain” and “LowCrackedMountain” to set up a Karst-Area:

We are at Testworld Update 74 now.
I created 3 additional new biomes named “RollingHillsHigh”, “RollingHillsMid” and “RollingHillsLow” to set up smooth hilly area with a tideway beach:

We are still at Testworld Update 74 now, but the spigot server setup and included TerrainControl is updated to 1.7.10 now.

Many worse things happened... Microsoft purchased Mojang (by about very sick 19 Million Euro)... Bukkit (and all its forks, like spigot) went down by some artificial pseudo copyright stuff... and in general the scene seems to act more and more uninterested about those facts too... and about Minecraft/TC at all.

Despite that facts (my view), I decided (after some time of absence) to update to the very latest Versions a few days back.
The now used dev Version of TC is working at any MC 1.8 setup and the matching very last spigot server of the past, which has been adapted/reworked to work at a MC 1.8 setup too (its very hard to find, as spigot download is down too, like bukkit is for sure) is included in last Testworld setup I offer.
All included in my latest setup of Testworld, which will stay at final No. 74, as nobody is asking for any creative new biome addon all the last weeks and month.
May be, not all creative people lost interest in MC/TC and creating new biomes... but I can´t see any positive future at the moment.

We are at Testworld Update 75 now as I got some inspirations by a creative person, mailing me about “Gooding City of Rocks” area.
See some screens of my interpretation:

I created too a special rock area, usable at many areas and shaped smaller and larger like wanted to show up as a butte or used as a rock wall ... or whatever you may imagine.

16.11.2014: Additional Update of Testworld 75
I created as a new area this “Ballisle” Rocks located at a Beach like landscape. See Screen:

We are still at Testworld Update 75, but included Spigot AND TerrainControl are now updated to 1.8 version. (all other included plugins are also updated or still working at 1.8)

We are now at Testworld Update 76.

I created a new biome named “Wadi” (dry desert river) and its border biome, “WadiBorder”.

I renamed the “old” desert biome with the underground “plant” caves to “DessertHollow” and added the “default” not caved desert named “desert” again too.

I created now a kind of mountain biome (red arrow in image left), containing most new 1.8.x blocks like:
Coarse Dirt, most stone derivates like Granite, Diorite and Andesite and also Prismarine and the “Beacon” Light block:

I added now also a DesertGrass biome to give that area a grass topped dune like look:

We are still at Testworld Update 76.

But the included spigot server setup and its plugins like TC has been updated to MC 1.8.3

I use Texturepack “ChromaHills 128” and “Seus Ultra” shader shown here at a day and night screen:

We are now at Testworld Update 77.
I updated a few settings like world water level (lowered from 64 to 63 now) and I created a
new biome: needle (may be used in ocean like shown, or in most other biomes too as an addon)

We are now at Testworld Update 78.
A very talented young Lady named Jessica gave me the permission to use her biome and bo2 creations.
Its a kind of columbian landscape looking like the Iguazu area.
I changed it a little for use at my FromImage mode setups and included it at testworld No. 78 now.
Here a screen of a typical scene, showing all new biomes and plants:

We are still at Testworld Update 78, but everything is updated to 1.8.7 versions.
(Older version setups also included down to 1.7.10)

HUGE UPDATE at 23.07.2015
Partnership with NLBlackEagle
LINK to all News ;-)

All new stuff from now on will be shown at the new page.